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    A critical food shortage. A colony under siege. Can he save his people before they’re extinguished from the galaxy?

    Captain Liam Hoffen aims to expand Elea Station into a thriving community. But after an enemy armada attacks his struggling station, limited resources threaten the entire population. With no other options, Hoffen must abandon his people in search of supplies deep in marauder territory.

    Barely surviving his first battle, the bold captain is forced to partner with a double-dealing pirate to navigate treacherous space. But his fears multiply, when he discovers the scarce provisions he needs demand trade with a once-defeated nemesis he swore never to trust.

    Can Captain Hoffen return with life-giving rations before his station is annihilated?

    Freebooter’s Hold is the 18th stand-alone book in the expansive Privateer Tales space opera saga. If you like cosmic twists and turns, cunning heroes, and impossible odds, you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s gripping adventure.

    Buy Freebooter’s Hold to undertake a risky intergalactic mission today!

    ©2020 Fickle Dragon Pulishing LLC (P)2020 Fickle Dragon Publishing LLC

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