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    In the year 2050, Earth makes first contact. By 2052, the war is over. We lose.

    As a development platform for desperately needed advanced technology, the experimental starship Foresight is the greatest hope humankind has to flee the alien hordes. For test pilot Captain Nicholas Shepherd, the success of the program is even more personal. Successful completion means delivering his wife and son safely off-world and leaving the war behind for good. But when Foresight suffers a critical malfunction during her final scheduled flight, what should have been a minor setback becomes a major fight for survival.

    With his family caught in the crossfire, Nicholas realizes that the flawed starship offers the best chance to escape. It isn’t long before even the frantic evacuation turns sideways, and he discovers that not only is the war harder to get away from than he thought, but Foresight is more than just a prototype.

    Much, much more.

    Joined by an unintended crew of survivors, Nicholas is about to embark on an impossible mission that will take them far beyond the outer reaches of space. If he fails, humankind won’t just be lost.

    We’ll be completely erased.

    ©2021 Quirky Algorithms (P)2021 Quirky Algorithms

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