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Don't Dare the Devil

Autor: Erin Wade
Sprecher: Victoria Mei
Spieldauer: 7 Std. und 53 Min.

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Agent Knight looked up at the garden wall. It was easily eight feet tall or more. “The...abductor threw your sister on its shoulder and leaped over the wall?” 

“Not over it,” Eden said, her brow furrowed as she recalled the horrifying event. “To the top of it. A wall this tall is also deep. It's about four feet thick. It stood on top of the wall and...and...” 

“And what?” Knight's voice was low and persuasive. 

“Howled!” Eden slapped her hand over her mouth as if trying to keep the words from tumbling out. “It howled like a wolf.”

©2018 Erin Wade (P)2018 Erin Wade

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