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A Modern Thriller (Alex Fletcher, Book 5)
Sprecher: John David Farrell
Serie: Alex Fletcher, Titel 5
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 59 Min.

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In the near future, a rogue military cabal launches an opportunistic EMP attack against the United States - triggering a cataclysmic chain of events.

With the United States crippled, belligerent powers rise to fill the void overseas, catapulting already volatile regions into chaos and war - hastening a worldwide collapse.

On the home front, most citizens continue to struggle with the loss of power and critical infrastructure, exhausting their thin supplies and turning to the mercy of an overwhelmed government to survive the winter.

As spring arrives, Alex Fletcher faces a difficult choice. With their food supplies running low, Alex questions the feasibility of staying with the Thorntons and Walkers at their isolated lake community. While searching Northern Maine for a solution to his dilemma - he stumbles on a secret with the potential to destabilize the entire region.

Dispatches concludes the Alex Fletcher series, answering listener questions about the world scene while cleanly delivering the Fletchers' fate. 

The Alex Fletcher audiobooks (in order):

  • The Jakarta Pandemic, audiobook one
  • The Perseid Collapse, audiobook two
  • Event Horizon, audiobook three
  • Point of Crisis, audiobook four
  • Dispatches, audiobook five  
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