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    What is your destiny in life? What gifts do you possess or have within you? What is your calling in life or ministry? What are your talents or potentials? How do you know what career or profession you are best fitted into? Are you really having fulfillment in whatever job you are doing now? Are you maximizing your gifts or potentials? If any or all your answer(s) to the above question(s) is negative, then this book is a must for you! Drawing an analogy between how Joseph discovered and developed his gifts and destiny and how we can discover and develop ours too, the author simplifies the issue of discovering and developing destiny! The book takes you through a scriptural, psychological, and temperamental approach - real life everyday experience - to show you how you can practically discover and develop your God-given gift, talent, or potential and follow it to your final destination in life! This book will change your life forever!

    Dr. Vincent Paul Nduoma is a motivational and anointed preacher, teacher, chaplain, prolific author and publisher. He's president of Vincent Paul Ministries Int'l. and Kingdom Power Ministries Int'l; and President/CEO of Vincent Paul Group, Inc. He's also a Captain in the U.S. Army. He's appeared on: CBN 'Turning Point' (TBN Europe, Love World and AIT) NTA Network; WHTV; TCT TV; KCHF TV; BEN TV London and featured in New York Daily News! He also runs Persistence Works Internet TV! He's published many books including Persistence Works! and publishes Persistence Works E-Newsletter - reaching over 25,000 people in 150 nations! He holds a B.A. degree from University of Ibadan; M.A. [Leadership] and Master of Divinity [M.Div.] both from Liberty University. He's also been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Westgate University for his prolific writings! He's had training in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School. Dr. Paul and Edith are based in Texas!

    ©2014 Vincent N. Paul (P)2014 Vincent N. Paul

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