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    Davey’s Rule #85: Daddy will always treat his boy like he's Daddy’s world… because that’s how it should be! 

    This 132,000-word bundle includes the second half of this best-selling series loosely centered around Davey - a guy on the search for a perfect Daddy…and the insane list of rules he makes along the way. Each book begins with Davey on a not-so-perfect date that ends after the perspective Daddy breaks three rules he didn’t know existed. Each failed date goes on to find his own perfect match and often with Davey’s help, whether they want it or not. 

    Rules to Obey 

    Daddy Marcus has been waiting for years to meet the right sweetie - someone into age play who will not only be a good partner, but who can equally enjoy playing with toys or sharing an adult meal on date night. He’s just about given up when he meets Jeff, a genius who needs downtime to get a break from his big brain. Luckily, Marcus has the solution for that problem. 

    Making Rules 

    This is a series prequel. Through six vignettes, we get the backstory of Davey’s best friend and widower boss, Sammy - and his beloved and gone-but-not-forgotten leather Daddy Raphael. 

    Rules to Ignore 

    This is Davey’s story. It took him a long time and an even longer list of rules to find his way, but if he pays attention, Davey might just find that true happiness lies in a different direction than he’d ever expected. 

    Rules for Loving 

    This final book in the series is a five-part, seven-story collection that shows each couple from the series as they live their happily-ever-afters and move onto the next chapters in their lives…and just like the guys themselves, the future is fabulous! 

    This is the second of a two-volume set of bundles containing this complete series about not-so-perfect Daddies, adorable “boys”, and one sassy brat with an insane list of rules. Grab your fan and tissues because this series comes with both a high heat advisory and all the squishy feels you’d want from Susan Hawke’s books.

    ©2019, 2020 Susan Hawke (P)2021 Susan Hawke

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