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    This essential manual by business and development expert Mark Stokes is based on his three decades experiencing global corporate life, business, property investing, and commercial-to-residential conversions. Whether you are new to business, property, and investing, or taking your business to the next level, this indispensable manual will guide you through the proven 12 principles for mastering commercial to residential conversions. It is narrated by a developer, for developers, and invaluable for investor “bank-grade due diligence”. Mark shares in-depth insights on what it really takes to succeed, what makes him tick, his personal journey, and very personal reflections on creating a sustainable, high-performance business, enabling you to achieve those highly profitable results. 

    Are you serious about:

    • Building a high-performance culture in your business?
    • Achieving outstanding results whilst managing risk? 
    • Understanding the detailed steps and systems? 
    • Ensuring bank-grade due diligence? 
    • Maximizing compliance and security? 
    • Making a start with confidence? 
    • Creating massive shared value? 

    This manual is required listening and will be your vital companion as you master this strategy and grow your profitable business.

    ©2018 Richard Mark Stokes (P)2019 Richard Mark Stokes

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