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    Barr McClellan was a former partner at a law firm run by Edward Clark, who also served as Lyndon B. Johnson's lawyer. In Blood, Money, and Power, McClellan adds to the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy by pointing the finger at Johnson, who he claims was aided in the cover-up by Clark. David Drummond has a clinical style that recalls a broadcaster or documentarian, which aims to lend gravity to McClellan's bold assertions, and listeners intrigued by the conspiracies surrounding JFK's death will see Blood, Money, and Power as more evidence in the unending speculation.


    An insider’s look at America’s greatest unsolved mystery.

    Blood, Money, & Power exposes the secret, high-level conspiracy in Texas that led to President John F. Kennedy’s death and the succession of Lyndon B. Johnson as president in 1963. Attorney Barr McClellan, a former member of L.B.J.’s legal team, uses hundreds of newly released documents, including insider interviews, court papers, and the Warren Commission, to illuminate the maneuvers, payoffs, and power plays that revolved around the assassination of Kennedy and to expose L.B.J.’s involvement in the murder plot.

    In addition to revealing new information, McClellan answers common questions surrounding the assassination of our 35th president. Who had the opportunity, motive, and means to assassinate J.F.K.? Who controlled the investigation and findings of the Warren Commission? This historically significant book is proof that absolute power, money, blood, corruption, and deception were at the heart of politics in the early 1960s, and it represents the very best investigative journalism has to offer.

    ©2011 Barr McClellan (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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