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    Eldin wants one thing - to go home. But High Castle is no longer the place of wonder and refuge it once was. After Onroc’s coup, Eldin and her companions fled from High Castle with little more than the clothes on their backs. 

    As renegades against the new Father, they cannot rely on the power of the Vale, as using its power would tell Onroc right where to find them. They will need help if they want to save their loved ones at home. The only place they can turn, the only place where Onroc cannot reach them, is beyond the borders of their beloved Visgaerd and protection of the Vale. 

    They seek the guidance of Eldin’s old friend and mentor, Relke, only to find that Relke’s people had lied, tricking the Talented women of Visgaerd into hiding. Can they trust Relke to guide them through the dangers and wonders of the Wilds, where power is raw and unchecked, to find the way to defeat Onroc? 

    ©2021 Jen Becker (P)2021 Jen Becker

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