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    In this accomplished new adaptation of The Divine Comedy - narrated by Earphones award winner Chris Ciulla - author Alex L Moretti untangles and demystifies Dante's original prose to produce an engaging and atmospheric novel, re-telling this fantastic story in a modern yet erudite way.

    What if the fires of ancient love burned so strong you’d traverse three realms of the afterlife in a bid to save mankind from spiritual destruction, just for one last kiss with your dead lover? Even if it was she who plunged you into the depths of Hell, the terrifying, blazing Inferno, to witness the punishment of sin in all its barbarity, cruelty, and horror, while you were still alive....

    Ripe for rediscovery, The Divine Comedy has been brought back to life using elegant and eloquent language to appeal to a contemporary audience thirsty for the story but uncomfortable with the archaic style and cadence of classical prose. A high-end literary fiction, Beyond the Inferno has resurrected Dante’s classic in a format which allows the modern listener to immerse themselves in the humble poet's adventures, which begin as he is thrust - terrified and confused - into The Dark Wood, that gateway to Hell, as he starts his unavoidable journey; a gripping and perilous quest to save mankind from spiritual destruction.


    ©2020 Zoe Michelle Martin (P)2021 Zoe Michelle Martin

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