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    Sadhu Sundar Singh, also known as “The Apostle of the Bleeding Feet”, was a famous Christian monk and itinerant preacher. He travelled barefoot around India, Nepal and Tibet, preaching the Gospel in villages and towns as he went along.

    After he encountered Christ in a vision as a teenager, he decided to serve as a monk owning nothing more than a set of clothes, a thin blanket, and a New Testament. He endured much suffering and was often persecuted for sharing the Gospel. Following his two world preaching tours, he became known for his intimacy with Christ and his teachings on prayer. Some Christians are disheartened by a lack of spiritual maturity in current writings. They long for answers to spiritual questions believers commonly have and desire clarity on topics central to Christ and the faith. 

    At the Master’s Feet explores six of these topics and offers astounding insight into questions that have bothered many sincere believers through the ages. Those with some experience in the spiritual life will quickly perceive the value of this book which comes from a profoundly spiritual man who walked very closely with Christ. This book will challenge you to grow in your prayer life and encourage you to develop greater intimacy with Christ.

    ©2021 Public Domain (P)2021 Dekton Publishing

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