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    This audiobook could be for you a great source of restoration and renewed zeal.

    The Lord Jesus Christ calls all who receive him as their lord and saviour into ''the disciple's life'\". Those who commit themselves to it must submit to the demands and conditions of such a life.

    At a certain point in the walk with God, it is necessary to examine yourself to see if you are still on this path, for it is a narrow and difficult path that requires a price to pay.

    The author, Z.T. Fomum, through this audiobook, calls us to examine ourselves to see if we are still on this path, in order to escape the trap of self-seduction that could steal the price of the race from us.

    Through several testimonies of the saints who began to be disciples and ceased to be disciples along the way and a few thoughts on being a disciple, you could situate yourself in order to see if you are still committed to this path or you have grown cold or even backslidden.

    Listen to this audiobook and you will receive the Lord's visitation.

    ©2014 Zacharias Tanee Fomum (P)2021 ZTF Books Online

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