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    We’re living in the most exciting times since Jesus walked the earth.

    Did you know that the global church is only a few years away from fulfilling Jesus’ command to “make disciples of every nation”? And that Jesus explicitly tied his return to the completion of that task?

    In And Then the End Will Come, Douglas Cobb, founder of the Finishing Fund, provides a front-line account of the effort to finish Jesus’ great commission in our lifetime. He also explores nine other Biblical clues that Jesus is coming soon, including the approaching 2000-year anniversary of the resurrection, the regathering of Israel, and the prophecies of Daniel 12. 

    He makes the case that the return of Christ is at hand - perhaps in the next year or two, perhaps a little later, but surely soon. And he offers practical instruction about what it means to “live holy and godly lives” as we look for the coming of our Lord and King.

    If you’re discouraged about the craziness you see in the world today, And Then the End Will Come will offer you hope for better things soon to come - things so great that the Bible says no one can imagine how awesome they will be.

    ©2021 Douglas Cobb (P)2021 Douglas Cobb

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