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This well-thought-out training regimen begins with an in-depth look at the necessary tools of the trade, including your scanner, software, and platform, and then moves to practical advice on subjects such as how to find the right stocks to trade, how to define support and resistance levels, and how to best manage your trades in the stress of the moment. An extensive review of proven trading strategies follows, all amply illustrated with real examples from recent trades. 

Risk management is addressed, including tips on how to determine proper entry, profit targets, and stop losses. Lastly, to bring it all together, there’s a “behind the scenes” look at the author’s thought process as he walks you through a number of trades. 

While aimed at the listener with some exposure to day trading, the novice trader will also find plenty of useful information, easily explained, within the audiobook. 

In this audiobook, you'll learn:  

  • How to start day trading as a business 
  • How to day trade stocks, not gamble on them 
  • How to choose a direct-access broker, and required tools and platforms 
  • How to plan important day-trading strategies 
  • How to execute each trading strategy in detail: entry, exit, stop loss 
  • How to manage the trading plan
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