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A Gulf in Time

The Progenitors' War, Book 1
Autor: Chris Kennedy
Sprecher: KC Johnston
Serie: The Progenitors' War, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 8 Std. und 54 Min.

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With the Shaitan War at an end, Lieutenant Commander Shawn "Calvin" Hobbs was able to finally complete the task given him by the long-lost Progenitors. Unfortunately, rather than getting a reward, the Progenitors’ rod was trapped, and it called the Progenitors’ ancient Enemy instead. Calvin and the crew of the Vella Gulf have now been given a choice - prepare the galaxy’s civilizations for the Enemy’s cull or become the first victims of that cull. 

Calvin has overcome insurmountable odds before, however, and the crew of the Vella Gulf decides to fight. In order to win, though, they will have to answer one question that has never been answered in the history of the galaxy - how do you defeat an Enemy who can deactivate your weapons - and the artificial intelligence running your ship - at will? 

Although Calvin and the crew of the Gulf have overcome every challenge given them previously, this time there doesn’t seem to be any hope for salvation. Terra’s allies aren’t any more prepared to fight this Enemy than they are, and there is no technology currently available that will let them even the odds. With the clock counting down to his extermination, Calvin will have to use everything at his disposal if he is going to find a way to win The Progenitors’ War.

©2020 Chris Kennedy (P)2020 Chris Kennedy

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