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    "A Better Man" was published in the anthology Blackguards: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues.

    About this story, author Paul S. Kemp says, "Egil and Nix feature in my sword and sorcery novels, The Hammer and the Blade, A Discourse in Steel, and A Conversation in Blood. Their stories are pacy, filled with action and wit (I hope). I think of them as a cross of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, spiced with a bit of Conan and Indiana Jones. I hope you enjoy listening to their stories as much as I do writing them."

    "A Better Man" takes place after the events of A Discourse in Steel, though it is entirely stand-alone.

    ©2015 Paul S. Kemp (P)2015 Audible, Inc.

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