Yong Kang Chan

Yong Kang Chan

"Being Peaceful when the Mind is Noisy" Doing more and achieving more don’t always make you happy. When you have low self-esteem and a critical voice in your head, it’s tough to enjoy your life in peace. Reaching your goals is important, but you have to enjoy the process too. In his books, Yong Kang provides insights on self-compassion and mindfulness to help you be kinder to yourself and transcend your suffering. Unlike other psychology and spiritual books, his content is easy to understand. He uses simple, modern examples in life to explain complex concepts and ideas. You can learn the teachings in his books without any technical or scientific knowledge. Best known as “Nerdy Creator” online, Yong Kang is both analytical and creative. If someone like him can overcome depression and his noisy mind, you can do it too. Learn how you can live a peaceful life by checking out his books below.

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