William F. Brown

William F. Brown

My newest and 15th book, "Burke's Samovar," Book #4 in the Bob Burke action-adventure thriller series was released on July 27, shortly after "Our Vietnam Wars, Volume 4," as told by more veterans who served," was released on April 17. It is non-fiction and consists of longer, more personal, and more dramatic interviews with 43 Vietnam Veterans, perhaps the most important book you read this year. Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force, US and Australian, you can see where we came from, what our jobs were, our memories of the place, and what we did after we came home. Some funny, some hair-raising, the stories will resonate long after you put the book down. The four-book series has interviews with 240 vets. That makes two books this year and two last year, making for a very busy two years. I am also about halfway through the process of converting six more books to audiobooks, the last two Our Vietnam Wars books, and all four Burke books. All three volumes in the Vietnam War series have consistently ranked in the Amazon top 25-50 of books on Vietnam and US veterans since they were was released. All three volumes are available in Kindle e-book and paperback formats. In addition, Volume 1 and 2 are now available in Audible audiobooks. If great action-adventure suspense fiction is your preference, try my top-rated, 3-book Bob Burke series. Burke's War is the first. Think The American Assassin meets The Godfather. In Burke's Gamble, book #2, when one of his men is thrown out the fifth-floor window of an Atlantic City casino run by the New York mob, someone’s going to answer, and payback’s going to be a hoot! Bob and his men are going to take the mob’s money and clean them out. Bob Burke is a former Army Special Ops, Delta Force commander. In Burke's Revenge, Book #3 of the highly successful series, Islamic terrorists attack Fort Bragg itself, and Burke is out for revenge. These will soon be available in Audible audiobooks as well. I am also the author of five free-standing suspense novels, each of which has been released as Kindle Select e-books, five of which have also been released as audiobooks on Audible, the Amazon and iTunes subsidiary. Half of these are the e-book editions of my successful, hardback and paperback books, published by St. Martins, Beaufort Books, Harlequin Gold Eagle and others, in US and foreign editions. The other half are original e-books. Aim True, My Brothers, is a contemporary, American political action thriller, as Middle East terrorism explodes on American shores. Ibrahim Al-Bari is a skilled Hamas commander who has battled Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan and now takes his private war to the heart of the American government itself -- and the clock is ticking. Tick Tock, Tick Tock… I am also the author of four screen plays, which have won or placed in numerous screenwriting competitions, an done was optioned for film.

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