Olivia Telford

Olivia Telford

Olivia is a little obsessed with minimalism. Having struggled with a stressful and cluttered household growing up, including parents who were hoarders, Olivia was determined to do whatever it took to control her environment and simplify her life from materialistic objects. She believes that more does not mean happier and that it is about setting yourself free from the all-consuming passion for possessing. A focus of hers has always been towards good relationships, experiences, and soul care –places that you will find life and true lasting happiness. As a minimalist and writer since 2003, Olivia continues to help others achieve more peace of mind and freedom through the powerful benefits that decluttering has to offer. She is passionate about spreading her knowledge and providing her readers with information that will really benefit their lives. Olivia was born in Vejle, a town in Denmark. She is currently living in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada When not writing, she is happiest spending time on hiking, reading, cooking, trips to the beach, time with friends, and biking. Olivia loves to hear from her readers. Feel free to email her at ortelford@gmail.com

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