Nora Flite

Nora Flite

Join Nora's newsletter and get a FREE short story! A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora grew up as a giant nerd in the tiniest state there is. Never quite fitting in, and suffering multiple career (and relationship) failures, she ran away to restart her life. Luckily for her, second chances are real. She now lives in sunny Los Angeles with her wonderful husband and their adorable son. Her days are spent writing, stuffing her face with sushi, and chugging copious amounts of coffee. She doesn't know what sleep is. Email her-- NEW RELEASE! Where We Began and Where We Ended: Book List: Royally Bad (Bad Boy Royals #1) Royally Ruined (Bad Boy Royals #2) Royally Arranged (Bad Boy Royals #3) Rock Me Deep: After Our Kiss: Peacock: Billion Dollar Bad Boy: Never Kiss a Bad Boy: The Bad Boy Arrangement: Last of the Bad Boys: Only Pretend: Coming Soon: One More Bad Boy (July 23 2018) website- Goodreads - Facebook - Twitter - @NoraFlite instagram - @NoraFliteAuthor

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