Lee, Hyeonseo

Lee, Hyeonseo

"Hyeonseo Lee brought the human consequences of global inaction on North Korea to the world's doorstep.... Against all odds she escaped, survived, and had the courage to speak out." --Samantha Power, U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations "But there are rare occasions when someone punctures the bubble. That is what happened when Hyeonseo Lee told her story--we were all transported to the bloody, paranoid world of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. There isn't enough attention on the plight of citizens inside the 'Hermit Kingdom,' because so little is known. Lee is courageously speaking out, even at risk to her safety." Adds Lisa Ling, the CNN host and coauthor of Somewhere Inside, about her own sister's detention in North Korea. www.facebook.com/HyeonseoLeeNK | FB page Hyeonseo Lee@HyeonseoLeeNK | Twitter Hyeonseo Lee@hyeonseolee | Instagram

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