Kevin J Kennedy

Kevin J Kennedy

Kevin J Kennedy is the author of The Tale of Sawney Bean and a regular contributor to Horror and Young Adult anthologies. He fell in love with the horror world at an early age watching shows like the Munster’s and Eerie Indiana before moving on to movies like the Lost Boys. (The eighties was a good time to grow up.) In his teens he became an avid reader when he found the work of Richard Laymon. After reading everything Laymon had written Kevin found other authors like Keene, Garton, Lee, Smith, Strand, Little, Mellick and the list goes on. At the age of thirty four Kevin wrote his first story and it was accepted by Chuck Anderson of Alucard Press for the Fifty Shades of Slay anthology. He has never looked back. Kevin lives in a small town in Scotland with his wife, step daughter and two strange little cats. Goodreads page: Blog:

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