Ken Lozito

Ken Lozito

Ken Lozito is a bestselling author of the First Colony series. A story about humanity’s first interstellar colony and the people brave enough to journey into the unknown. Ken has written over twenty-five novels. He writes heroic tales, redemption stories, the last stand, and just good old-fashion adventure stories with rich and interesting characters. From first contact stories to exploring the universe, Ken’s books have made readers lose precious hours of sleep while they read just one more page. Ken worked in IT Security for almost twenty years before becoming a full-time author. When not writing, he enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the dog, and binge-watching shows. You can find out more about Ken and upcoming books on his website at Federation Chronicles: Acheron Inheritance Acheron Salvation First Colony Series: Genesis Nemesis Legacy Sanctuary Discovery Emergence Vigilance Fracture Harbinger Insurgent Invasion Impulse Ascension Series: Star Shroud Star Divide Star Alliance Infinity's Edge Rising Force Ascension Safanarion Order Series: Road to Shandara Echoes of a Gloried Past Amidst the Rising Shadows Heir of Shandara Broken Crown Series: Haven of Shadows
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