Keith Latch

Keith Latch

This is the place I tell you all about me, I suppose. Well, I guess I'll do my part. My name is Keith, and I'm a writer, a storyteller, and weaver of words, if you will. In this respect, I must follow the words of Stephen King, "It is the tale, not he who tells it." I agree with that sentiment completely. I am more interested in letting you know about stories I create, and those I find entertaining than simply giving myself an ego boost. Visit and join the Keith Latch Reader's List to get a free novella, learn about upcoming projects, and enter exciting contests. Fiction is, at its best, the most wonderful thing mankind has ever created. An escape for some, a good dose of hope for others, and for a few, a much-needed remedy for all that ails them. Whether it be genre or literary, short or long, I think there's a part in all of us that needs to hear a good yarn from time to time. Stories of either the fantastic or the realistic. Thrilling suspense or mind-blowing fantasy, to each their own and so on and so forth. Come on in, have yourself a look around, have a seat if you so choose. Perhaps, upon your browsing, you will find something that strikes your fancy or fires your imagination. That is my hope, and my purpose. Good to meet you, and hope to see you around for a long while to come.
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