Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow

Having traveled to over 25 countries, lived in the American South, in California, Las Vegas, and briefly in England; Kailin Gow feels blessed to be able to use her experiences and inspirations to bring characters and stories from the places she visit, to life. From visiting Romania, she was asked to write stories about vampires; visiting the Black Forest in Germany and seeing the castles of Europe inspired her to write fantasy; visiting Asia's mystical mountains inspired her to write action adventure and mythological dystopians. From her experience in college as a peer counselor and her volunteer work with women's shelters, she was inspired to write contemporary romance with social issues for women, new adults, young adults, and teens. Having faced adversity, including battling stereotypes and bullying, Kailin Gow has become a well-known speaker and figure in media. Her adventurous bold spirit has taken her around the world, where she has ridden on top of elephants through jungles, hand-fed sting rays, studied kung fu from a Shaolin Temple monk, and learned cooking from a celebrity chef. Compelled to write her first fiction book because of 9/11, Kailin Gow now has over 400 fiction books published under Kailin Gow and various Pen Names in many genres. She has over 20 Series, written under Kailin Gow: ***For 16 and up*** The Frost Series The Wolf Fey Series Fairy Rose Chronicles - age 13 and up. The PULSE Series FADE Series DESIRE Series Fire Wars Series Alchemists Academy Wordwick Games Wicked Woods Series Steampunk Scarlett The Phantom Diaries Stoker Sisters Beyond Crystal River ***For 18 and up (New Adult/Coming of Age)*** Loving Summer The Donovan Brothers Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy) Never Knights Rock Hard Musical Shadowlight Academy ***For 18 and up (Adult/Steamy Romance)*** The Protege Master Chefs The Blue Room (Spin-off of Never Knights Trilogy) The Blue Room Chronicles Sessions HEAT Follow Kailin at: @kailingow facebook.com/OfficialKailinGow For Romance Notifications, sign up at: https://mailchi.mp/7f8209086b1b/kailingowrhnewsletter

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