Joshua Buller

Joshua Buller

Hey there! My name’s Joshua, and I’ve been fascinated with storytelling practically since I was old enough to talk. A bit about myself, I suppose. I’m in my early 30s, born and raised in Sacramento (that’s the capital of California, in case you’re confused). I’m the second of five children, and I. Love. Fantasy. Growing up I was one of those kids who would blurt out the first thing that came to mind and got all the awkward stares. Even at the age of five, I could go on tangential rants for almost an hour that went nowhere. In elementary school, I had my first brush with the dark side of fantasy: fan fiction. I spent several of my formative years writing stories based off of favorite tv shows and video games of mine. This continued on through high school as a group of friends and I made a roleplaying forum where we tried to collaborate on writing a single narrative between almost a dozen people. It’s about as easy as it sounds. Of course, it was moments like that that spurred me to eventually start trying my hand at writing original stories. I’ve been working full time in the customer service industry since high school. It pays the bills, but doesn’t give me a lot of time to write, so I usually have to really make it count when I can. When I’m not writing, I tend to be either reading or playing video games. Fantasy and sci-fi novels, Japanese manga, RPGs- if it has a fantastical element to it, I’m interested. Reading in particular has always been a huge passion of mine. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a well told narrative and engaging characters. On the other hand, I have a bit of a masochistic streak when it comes to movies and books as well. Oddly enough, I find immense satisfaction in reading a terrible book or watching a horrible movie. Well, part of that enjoyment probably comes from subjecting my friends to the same thing afterwards. Take it from me: if you show a friend Birdemic, and they’re still friends with you after that, they’re keepers. I sincerely hope that people enjoy what I have out now, and know that this is just the beginning for me. There are dozens of other stories I’m dying to get out in the world, and if readers can find some enjoyment in what I create, then it’s more than I could possibly hope for. If you'd like to contact me, feel free to reach out to one of my social media accounts: twitter: @lukekamson facebook: Or reach me directly at my website, I look forward to hearing from you!
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