Jay Requard

Jay Requard

Born on a grim gray day in Baltimore, Jay Requard is an Fantasy author raised in the hills of North Carolina. His work features hardened heroes set against the greatest odds with little more than hope and the strength of their courage to save themselves and the world. He loves reading about the history and culture of the Iron Age, India, Scotland, and brews as well as cooks. He has read too much fantasy, yet not enough either. In his spare time Jay enjoys lifting weights, hiking mountains, and coming back to write some more. He has a fluffy cat named Mona. He is the host of the podcast THE HEROIC ERA and the Instagram shows SOCK PUPPET REVIEWS and THE KING OF FANTASY. His novella, WAR PIGS, was nominated for the Manly Wade Wellman Award for "Best Fiction by a North Carolina Author", and he is the recipient of the 2016 Write Well Award for his novelette, MASK OF THE KRAVYADS.

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