Ian Cadena

Ian Cadena

Ian Cadena started writing when he was a kid. Instead of paying attention in school he wrote out scripts to act out later with his action figures. When he was a tween, he discovered Dungeons & Dragons and as a Dungeon Master wrote out his own stories for his fellow players, giving them their own unique backgrounds and history. Later, he accomplished a degree in Theater & Writing. He is a Reiki Master and enthralled with all things mystic and paranormal. He possesses numerous tarot decks and has had at least one out-of-body experience... maybe two. When not traveling outside of his body he’s usually concocting a new story from his secret lair. Ian loves to stay in touch with his readers. This is where you can conjure him: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorIanCadena/ Twitter: @iancadenaAuthor Website: iancadena.com

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