Filip Maric

Filip Maric

Filip Marić has trained and worked as a physiotherapist in Germany, specialising in sports physiotherapy and medical training whilst working in a medical rehabilitation center. Parallel to that he has trained and worked as a Shiatsu therapist and has been practicing Aikido/Budo and Zen since 1997. From 2002-2005 he also studied philosophy, ethnology, and psychoanalysis at the JWG University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany to further complete his education. In 2009 he moved to Auckland, New Zealand to do postgraduate studies. After completing a Master of Health Science in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, he received a scholarship to continue his studies and is currently in the final year of his doctoral research. In this research he is exploring and further developing the practical and theoretical connection between physiotherapy, Budo, Zen, Shiatsu and Western philosophy. He occasionally teaches at Auckland University of Technology, NZ, and works clinically in a sports clinic in Auckland, NZ. Filip Marić is the founder and principal instructor at Jikishin Dojo Auckland, and next to regular classes frequently teaches local, national and international seminars in his various areas of expertise. Surfing the waves around New Zealand inspires him with gratitude and connection.

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