Edward Morse

Edward Morse

I grew up with 5 brothers. We were very creative, building cities and battle areas out of scrap wood, acorns, dog fennel sticks or anything else we could find. We built rafts out of scraps and raced them in the creek behind our house. Since my childhood I have traveled a bit around the world and seen a lot of different cultures. With these experiences and growth of my imagination, I find it odd to not see where a movie or show is going before the end. A few have surprised me, and I love them even more. I love twisting plots. I am the father of 3 wonderful kids that have been a significant influence in my life and writing. I earned my dental degree from UF College of Dentistry in 1994. I served in the US Navy for 10 years and am now serving with the Florida National Guard. I have coached middle school and High school distance running, and currently an assistant coach for Florida Gateway College girls Cross Country. I have worked in the Florida Department of Corrections for over 25 years as a dentist. The runners in middle school used to talk about having magical abilities and what they would do with them. After years of them creating stories, I thought, if I could only tell stories about the tales I've seen, heard, and imagined, what a story that would be! Well may be I did. I hope you enjoy my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.
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