David A. Dunn

David A. Dunn

Get Life Right was intended for those I affectionately call "Strugglers", thinking they were down and out and therefore needed help the most. When I gave early versions of it to my most successful friends I learned: * We are all Strugglers in some ways; nobody gets through life clean. * None of us are living at the limits of our capability in all areas of our lives. * Successful people look for and adopt ideas more quickly than strugglers; hello! Working around my ADD and memory deficits taught me that what we consider our worst deficits can become our most valuable assets. We each succeed by filling the needs of others. Our deficits teach us empathy which points us to the needs we are best equipped to fill for ourselves and others. A quick read through the chapter titles shows how this book touches every aspect of life. It will replace thinking that limits you with thinking that empowers you. It reassures, while also giving you analytical skills and practical solutions to many of life's challenges. Get Life Right gives the most helpful ideas of all the top self-help books and gurus plus a few of my own. They've helped me live a life of adventure, wealth, security, and good works, all while maintaining a tight family. All of the proceeds from Get Life Right will provide free copies for organizations in service to those in need, such as homeless ministries, prison ministries, those working with youth, and any others we find who are so overwhelmed by their circumstances and don't know where to begin, or to the people YOU help us find. If you know of a ministry or charity that could be helped with free copies of this book, send us an email at Dave@getliferight.com or Christine@getliferight.com I want your examples and your ideas for keeping this book and our website fresh, and I want you to help change lives by getting this book into the hands of the right people. Any book you buy will put another out for someone else. Feel free to contact the emails above with ideas for Get Life Right or stories about how any of the ideas in this book have helped you. I would love to hear from you! A little more about me: I grew up in San Diego. Made my fortune finding and creating properties for retail businesses around the country. I taught in prisons, halfway houses, juvenile facilities, worked a suicide hotline, and helped the homeless in Mexico near the border. I've dirt biked in many places around the world and now stay fit and active with hiking and mountain biking, writing, and spending time with my family. A little more about the book: Get Life Right will help you make the most of your turn at bat. It helps you: * Envision and live at the peak of our capabilities and enjoyment. * Develop the most direct path to the best future you can envision. * Understand and improve your thinking processes. * Motivate and empower you to reach for more. * Work through relationship issues. * Develop and maintain a loving family. * Find and develop your creativity. * Honor and make the most of your qualities and deficits. * Learn to make what you need come into your life by "acting as if" it is already there. I hope you enjoy it and learn from it! And I hope to hear from you. - Dave

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