Daniel Walter

Daniel Walter

Daniel Walter is a Canadian man with an ambitious spirit and passion to help people get more done. Daniel writes books for those who are looking to improve their concentration, build strong habits and increase their memory capacity. He has made it his mission to share his lifelong experiences and comprehensive research on the many benefits and blessings associated with freedom from procrastination and distractions. After graduating from Yale University in Cognitive Neuroscience, he quickly discovered his passion for writing and a goal of sharing his research and most valued life lessons in hopes of helping others. Daniel is a husband and father of two young sons. While he's lived in Toronto, ON for the past 18 years, he always remembers the importance of travelling to broaden an education. He is a frequent visitor of France, Ireland and Australia. When not writing, Daniel enjoys spending time fishing with his sons and relaxing at the lake. Daniel loves to hear from his readers Feel free to email him at danielwalterbooks@gmail.com

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