Colleen Mooney

Colleen Mooney

I am born and raised in New Orleans. My entire family was born, raised and still live here. I attended Ella Dolhonde Public Grammar School for grades 1-6 and then went to St. Christopher for 7th and 8th migrating to the catholic school system. I attended Sacred Heart of Jesus High School on Canal Street and went first to the University of New Orleans where I started my studies in English and then finished at Loyola of the South with a B.S. in English. I started out as a legal secretary, then went to work at the New Orleans Hilton in Personnel to open the hotel. That was a lot of fun, but then I wanted to travel and so I needed a more financially rewarding career and was hired by South Central Bell and followed their down-sizings, up-sizings, re-sizings until I spent 20+ years working for and retired from AT&T. I have worked and lived in New York City, Madison, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Before Katrina, I moved away and back three times, four if you count rebuilding the same address after Katrina flooded my home. I've been an avid Scuba diver for many years, and made lasting friendships from dive trips. I love travel and if the opportunity presents itself, I'm there. Except for a brief stint where I had to own and learn how to ride a motorcycle, I've been a water baby. When I am not enjoying fun with friends in all New Orleans has to offer- sailing and racing with friends on Lake Pontchartrain, Mardi Gras, parties and festivals- I head to Florida with my three Schnauzers. I am an ardent animal lover and do volunteer breed rescue work as Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana. I love to write and I write about what I know and love! You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you can't take the New Orleans out of the girl! Feel free to email/contact me at, or my Facebook page, and my blog

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