Chris Reher

Chris Reher

Born on the Sylt Peninsula in Germany, I lived in your country until I was twelve, for the most part near Hanover. Dann ging es los nach Canada. Unfortunately, after all this time, my German-language skills are somewhat lacking and for that I apologize to my fellow Germans! Living in Canada, it is inevitable that those who lack enthusiasm for snow-related activities tend to stay indoors for a good portion of the year. Thank goodness for computers. I became a web developer and eventually authored some text books about HTML and CSS, pleasantly surprised when they were picked up at the college level. But I've always loved fantasy worlds and writing about what might be possible, given a certain suspension of disbelief and a rude assault upon the laws of physics. Since I've always suspected that there is far too much gravity on this planet, I tend to take my people to other worlds. At this moment, I reside on a tiny planet called Pelion, trying to figure out a sequel to Only Human, but people keep shooting at my characters! It's keeping me busy.
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