World of Warcraft

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Discover even more realms in the World of Warcraft with these exciting fantasy adventures!

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, inviting players to battle forces of evil and tip the balance between the Horde and the Alliance. In the World of Warcraft novels, essential characters from the game are given fuller backstories as they fight evil and undertake quests, revealing more fascinating lore from the franchise, some of which has even been incorporated into the game. So whether you want to learn more about Thrall, Arthas, or Illidian Stormrage, or you just want to enjoy some great storytelling in between your plays, the World of Warcraft novels are a great escape.

Authors for the World of Warcraft novels vary, and so do narrators, but look for World of Warcraft novels written by Christie Golden (who also narrates some of her novels), Michael A. Stackpole, and Richard A. Knaak. The audiobook narrators include powerhouses Ramon de Ocampo, Graeme Malcom, Justine Eyre, Richard Ferrone, and Scott Brick.

Fans recommend starting with Rise of the Horde, but there's no bad place to dive in. Listening to the series in chronological order isn’t required—the novels cover many characters, settings, and wide swaths of time that sometimes overlap, so there's really no one "right" way to listen. Look for series within the World of Warcraft universe, such as War of the Ancients, Blizzard Legends, and Dawn of Aspects, but otherwise pick up whichever listens appeal to you first!

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