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Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons & Conversations with God Inhaltsangabe

"This best-selling book is my gift to all who strive to move beyond the boundaries of the material world and fully connect with God and the universe. (God is Source, Creator, Universal Intelligence, All That Ever Is and Ever Was.)" (Author, Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, Intuitive, Speaker, and Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.)

Perfect for those who are walking the path of spiritual awakening, this Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons and Conversations with God, Volume One came to be after spiritual seekers throughout the world began requesting each short story about the author's personal experiences about Self-awareness be captured in book form. Each powerful heaven-sent lesson is written in such a way that you can add joy to your journey on your path of spiritual awakening. From learning to laugh at your little self as it grows and connects to your Higher Self, to pulling back the curtain on your limiting beliefs, this book deepens your understanding of Self-discovery as you become more uplifted and entertained.

The Corporate Woo-Woo™ Michelle Skaletski-Boyd is one of the nation's leading intuitives. After leaving her job in the corporate world believing the "net would appear" Michelle followed the path of her soul. Struggle, failure, hardship, and fears were just some of the tragedies her spirit encountered before she stepped fully into her truth.

Throughout her soul-felt journey as Michelle resisted her own inner power, often battling hard with her ego, she surrendered long enough to start trusting her intuition and recorded each of these experience to include in-depth conversations with God. This volume captures these stories in collective form.

First in the Soul-Felt Sequel™ this audiobook contains powerful "God and me" lessons filled with inspiration and hope with six additional chapters exclusive to the recorded version.

©2014 Soul-Felt Words, Inc. (P)2015 Soul-Felt Words, Inc.
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