Wolf Quest

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Wolf Quest: Temptation of the Wolf Inhaltsangabe

Although, on the surface, the three Lupo brothers seem like a trio of handsome Italians gents heading up a popular pizzeria in Pineview, Florida, the brothers are, in fact, concealing a deep dark secret that conceals their true natures. While charming and good-natured ladies' men by day, the trio rules the night in the form of mighty and empowered supernatural werewolves.

Although determined to keep their secret in a world that fails to understand them, their privacy is at risk when younger brother Randolph - a gorgeous, muscular young man in search of a lifetime love - captures the interest of a paranormal romance author; who, much unlike the snobbish sister who shadows her every move, seems accepting of and even attracted to the mystery of the paranormal.

Randolph becomes instantly smitten with the witty rubenesque Wendy, who returns his affections as the two embark on a passionate romance; yet will she be able to accept his wild side?

©2017 Alice Jamison (P)2017 Alice Jamison
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