Wolf Lake

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Wolf Lake: The Complete Trilogy Inhaltsangabe

Together at last! The entire Wolf Lake Trilogy is now available in one place.

See how it all started in Legend: Orphaned as a child, Samantha grew up into a strong, but lonely woman working on her doctorate thesis by researching the history of myths and legends. But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack, the world of myth becomes her new reality.

Next, listen to Roland's story in Untamed: Scarred for life after surviving a bitter betrayal, Roland discovers a kindred spirit when he finds Natasha beaten and left for dead. But will their relationship be strong enough to survive when the pack comes under attack?

Finally, see how it all ends in Storm: Still reeling after the loss of a valued pack member, Nafarius wants nothing more than to keep his pack safe. But when Sam is kidnapped, Nafarius will stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means asking for help from those he doesn't trust.

Jude successfully fought her way up in the pack taking her place next to Nafarius and Roland as the pack's gamma. Now all she has to do is convince Nafarius that she's strong enough to do her job and that he can trust her not to get herself killed.

©2013 Jennifer Kohout (P)2014 Jennifer Kohout
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