Witch Trouble

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Ivy Green and the Mysterious Doll Inhaltsangabe

Welcome to Creekwood. This is the first story in the exciting series of books for girls aged five to eight, called Witch Trouble.

Ivy Green has arrived in Creekwood village in search of Aunt Clara, who has mysteriously vanished. She soon discovers a witch called Old Maisie who has moved into Creekwood and is causing all sorts of trouble for the villagers. Could Old Maisie have something to do with her great-aunt's disappearance?

It's up to Ivy and her friend, Jessica, to find her great-aunt and untangle the web of secrets surrounding a mysterious, tiny doll. Will Ivy save Aunt Clara? Join the girls in the adventure to find Aunt Clara and come face to face with a new type of witch.

An exciting girls' book series that focuses on friendship and family.

©2015 Charlotte Bloomfield (P)2015 charlotte bloomfield
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