War Torn Letters

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My Sweetheart: Historical & Contemporary WWII Romance Inhaltsangabe

You have to know the past to understand the present. 

It's 1942 and war is raging in Europe and slowly, London is coming undone at the seams. Life as Claire knew it is falling apart all around her. But she's determined to live a full life, to flirt and have fun as if nothing is wrong.  

And then she meets Thomas, the handsome American soldier, and with him comes the thrill of secrecy and a whirlwind love that sucks her in. She will wait for him forever, if that's what it takes. 

Amelia just started a job at an antique shop at a small town and she loves everything that screams nostalgia at her. This is what she escaped the big city for. The slow pace, the taste of a world long gone. 

She finds a letter, written by a woman in love a long time ago, and she needs to know how their story ended. 

In her attempt to find out what happened, she meets Dane, and a love story of her own unfolds. 

War Torn Letters Series

My Sweetheart

My Darling

My Beloved  

War Torn Letters is a series with two stories in one. The WWII love story of the past and the contemporary present day romance. It's a beautiful military romance that shows us the past can damage and time can heal, but we never know what the future holds.

©2019 Wanita May (P)2020 Wanita May
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