Voices of History Israel Series

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Voices of History Israel: The Pioneering Years Inhaltsangabe

Never before released audio programs! 

Throughout the 1970s, Dr. Samuel J. Citron took it upon himself to interview leading authorities on special topics in contemporary Jewish history, mostly relating to the State of Israel. 

Over the course of 10 years of painstaking work, he completed the immense task of pulling together personal accounts of many of the more significant events of the last hundred years. 

The early years were difficult times, with disease, limited resources, and marauding bands of Arabs.

This collection from The Voices of History: Israel includes these recordings:

  • The First Colony: Mayor Oved Ben Ami
  • The Bilu: Amram Hazanoff 
  • Jerusalem, the Old Yishuv: Moshe Nathanson 
  • Pioneering Years - Recollections: Golda Meir 
  • The Beginnings of Tel Aviv: Yehudit Harari 
  • Child of the First Aliyah - Part 1: Yehudit Harari 
  • Child of the First Aliyah - Part 2: Yehudit Harari 
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