Vampires of Shadow Hills

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The Vampires of Shadow Hills Series: Vol. 1-2 Inhaltsangabe

For fans of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries comes a new addiction that's impossible to pause.

Book 1: 

She's in love with her best friend.

A family grudge could tear them apart. 

And a supernatural secret could get them killed....

Robyn can't picture life without her childhood best friend Jayden. And now that they’re in high school in the sleepy town of Shadow Hills, she’s hoping they can take their friendship to the next level. But when their parents suddenly forbid them from seeing each other because of a centuries-old family quarrel, the few blocks between them might as well be worlds apart.

She also can't help but wonder if the flirty new girl in their neighborhood with her sights set on Jayden has put another nail in the coffin. 

While her parents keep her under lock and key, they let her older brother roam free late into the night...even after a local girl is found murdered. 

Between her brother’s nighttime excursions and her parents’ odd behavior, Robyn starts to worry that the killer may be living under her own roof.

When danger lurks around every corner, Robyn must decide if she’s willing to risk her family and her life for a chance at true love.

Have you talked to your parents today?

Do you know where they are?

Do you trust them?

What if you couldn’t?

Book 2: 

"I wish my parents were immortal bloodsucking vampires”, said no one... Ever.

Especially not Robyn who is struggling being the only human in a house filled with vampires. 

Can she keep it a secret that she knows what they are? 

Meanwhile Jayden’s family is revealing secrets of their own and nothing is as it seems in Shadow Hills anymore....

Who can they trust?

©2018 Willow Rose (P)2020 Willow Rose
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