Vampire Royals of New York: Gabriel

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Heart of Thorns: A Dark Vampire Romance Inhaltsangabe


They say Gabriel Redthorne is the most ruthless royal vampire of all.

They say he tore out a man’s throat just for spilling his bourbon.

They say his heart is so cold, the women he beds turn to ice.

Good. Let them talk.

The vampire prince has always known it’s better to be feared as a monster than loved as a fool, no matter how cold his bed is.

But then he meets her.

The woman who conspired with the enemy to take down the royal family.

Dark and devious.

Fire to his ice.

His prisoner.

And after one forbidden taste, the addiction that will utterly ruin him.


For seven years, Jacinda Colburn has been preparing.

Preparing to betray her brutal family.

Preparing to change her identity.

Preparing to disappear.

But for all her careful scheming, nothing could’ve prepared her for the heartless vampire prince - or for the punishment her wicked sins have earned.

They say Gabriel Redthorne is vicious. Filthy. That he can kill a man with just a touch.

But now that he owns her, all Jaci wants to know is...

What can that vicious, filthy touch do to a woman?

Heart of Thorns is the first book in a new trilogy in the Vampire Royals of New York world. It's a steamy enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance featuring a filthy-mouthed, smokin' hot British vampire prince and the woman he's stolen from his enemy.

©2021 Sarah Piper (P)2021 Sarah Piper
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