Vampire Innocent

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A Nighttime of Forever Inhaltsangabe

Sarah Wright woke up a few times after parties in strange places - but the morgue's a first. 

At 18, she's eager for a taste of independence, moving out of state to attend college. A change of scenery is extra-needed due to a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Scott. However, soon after escaping the body cooler, she makes two startling realizations: vampires are real and she is one.   

There's nothing quite like an untimely death to ruin plans. California's sunny beaches aren't the best place for vampires to chill, and worse, not only does she wind up stuck in Seattle, she's still living (figuratively) with her parents. They take the news surprisingly well - after all, it's better than burying her - even helping move her bedroom to the basement. 

A disinterested sire, distraught friends, nosy Men in Black, and awestruck younger siblings complicate her adjustment to the new normal of being an immortal still subject to her parents' rules.

Being undead has its perks, but it also brings enemies. Without a copy of Fangs for Dummies, Sarah's left scrambling for answers when one such new enemy attacks her siblings and friends. If she can't figure out how to vampire, her attempt to spare her family the grief of losing her may wind up killing them.

©2017 Matthew S. Cox (P)2018 Matthew S. Cox
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