Truth, Lies, and Secrets

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The Truths That We Hide Inhaltsangabe

Kate Foley was 10 years old when she and her five-year-old sister, Lily, witnessed their mother being brutally beaten and murdered. She made a solemn vow to her mother to take care of her sister and keep her safe. Years later, she finds herself raising her sister's 12-year-old son, her sister is in alcohol rehabilitation, and evidence from her mother's murder has started turning up in new crime scenes. Nothing could have prepared her for the terror that is upon her or the truths that will come out about her past.

Jack Abrams was the new chief of police in Gig Harbor, Washington, and after working in the violent crimes division in Seattle, Washington, he was ready for some peace and quiet. That is until he met Kate Foley, daughter of former police chief Ed Foley. Evidence from her mother's murder and her troubled nephew will throw them together. Can he keep his personal feelings for Kate at bay, or will their growing relationship stop him from doing the one thing he vowed to do, protect Kate and her nephew at all costs?

©2017 Heidi Hesthaven (P)2018 Heidi Hesthaven
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