Trek Mi Q’an

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The Empress’ New Clothes Inhaltsangabe

Modern-day Earth woman Kyra Summers is kidnapped and wed by a seven-foot tall, thickly muscled warrior claiming to be her Sacred Mate. Life on his home planet Tryston takes some getting used to, as the laws of the world cater to erotic hedonism and leave females at the sexual subjugation of the barbarians who claim them.

No one said love with an alien would come easily. Enjoy Kyra’s spicy escapades as she adjusts to life and love in another dimension.

©2000 Jaid Black (P)2013 Audible, Inc.
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    The Empress’ New Clothes Titelbild
    • The Empress’ New Clothes

    • Trek Mi Q'an, Book 1
    • Autor: Jaid Black
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    No Mercy Titelbild
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    Enslaved Titelbild
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    No Escape Titelbild
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    No Fear Titelbild
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