Treat Me Like an Animal

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Treat Me Like a Kitty Inhaltsangabe

Luna Barnes knew there was something special about her new boyfriend Jan-Michael Murphy from the day she met him. She never would have guessed what he would ask her to do one night; to act like a kitten for him. It seemed like such a simple request but she had no idea exactly what it would entail until she found herself wearing a little pink collar with a bell. Luna decides to indulge the fantasy and play the part of a playful kitten, and love every single second of it. After a romp in the yard and playtime with a feather the real fun begins in the bedroom where every inhibition is tossed aside and she gets her paws on his scratching post.

This standalone short story contains role playing that loving feline and is not for timid readers that might have a heart a cat.

©2017 Amie Heights (P)2017 Amie Heights
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