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Coffee and Dessert Cozy Set Inhaltsangabe

This cozy set features two audiobooks including:

A Love to Buzz About

Sabrina Daley has been burned by love in the past.

She is worried about opening up her heart again to another man.

When she meets a handsome and kind police detective name David Carlson at her coffee shop, he proves hard to resist.

Dating a detective isn't easy, however. Especially when David starts pulled away by frequent emergency calls.

Can David and Sabrina find a way to make their relationship last?

Or is Sabrina destined to have her heart broken again?

Chocolate Pudding with a Side of Murder

A dangerous case. An incredible surprise. And chocolate pudding.

When Sabrina Carlson discovers that she's pregnant, she is over the moon.

But her sense of elation doesn't last long.

Shortly after she receives the news, a murder occurs in town.

Unlike with previous cases, Sabrina is determined to stay out of the fray. Unfortunately, the universe has other ideas.

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