Thrall Prince Romance

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Prince for Sale Inhaltsangabe

David Thomen is Earth’s premier scientist, and he wants to be alone with his inventions, his money, and his PTSD. Instead, a mute, starving alien slave is dropped in his lap. Not just any alien slave - the leader of Earth’s first alien invasion, defeated by David's technology.  

Vell was a prince, a conqueror, a warrior-mage. Now, he is bound by a magical slave collar that forces him to debase himself for the gratification of his master. On Earth, he finally finds someone who can see the torment behind his submission. Someone who may be willing to give him his freedom, his dignity, or even just a hot meal.  

Unwilling to let Vell die, David begins a journey that will compromise his morals, challenge his scientific beliefs, and teach him about loyalty, brotherhood, passion, and love.  

Note to listeners: This is an MM romance audiobook for mature listeners. It contains dubious consent, memories of past rape, and steamy, consensual sex scenes.

©2018 Caroline Gibson (P)2019 Caroline Gibson
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