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When Did We Lose Harriet? Inhaltsangabe

A teenage girl has been missing from her Montgomery, Alabama, home for six weeks. She may be a runaway, a crime victim, or both. What’s amazing is other people’s lack of concern. Just one person cares that she’s gone: a spunky amateur sleuth on the sunset end of 60. Armed with razor-sharp insight, a salty wit, and tenacious faith, MacLaren Yarbrough follows a trail of clues - a wisp of a hint, a shadow of a lie - in search of answers to questions that come hot and fast and that grow increasingly alarming.

How did a 15-year-old girl come across a large sum of money? Why did she hide it instead of taking it with her? Where is she now? And who is willing to kill to keep MacLaren from probing too far?

Masked by Dixie charm and the scent of honeysuckle, a deadly secret lies coiled... one that holds the ultimate answer to the question "When did we lose Harriet?"

When Did We Lose Harriet? is the first of the MacLaren Yarbrough Mysteries, featuring plucky, 60-some heroine MacLaren Yarbrough. Look for further books in this series in the near future.

©1997 Patricia H. Sprinkle (P)2011 Zondervan
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